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MASUL MASUL - I have a right to be ugly

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This tee is a statement of empowerment and embracing your true self.

Let's refuse to waste time bending over backwards to fit in with the norm.

We don’t need validation! And we should not need to be “pretty” according to society’s heteronormative standards to survive in this world!

What’s important is feeling good in our own skin and expressing ourselves without boundaries.

Do you want to lift weights and gain muscles like Schwarzenegger? Do you want to wear turquoise eyeshadow and orange lipstick? Do you want to wear pajamas all day and stay comfy?

It doesn’t matter. Forget what people think. We don’t care! We have a right to be ugly!

The artwork is a drawing made with colored pencils by Masul. 


Made in Portugal. 
Heavy 100% organic cotton. 




*Note that this piece is vintage. Travelling through these years and ending selected by MASUL MASUL is a proof of its incredible quality and durability. It has been loved and worn many times before finding its place in your closet. Hence, it may have some slight imperfections.
If it has survived 10, 20 years (sometimes more), it can survive a lot longer, right?